Wednesday, July 09, 2008


This morning I was about to take the chillins to gymnastics, and I noticed some spray paint on our red truck. It was blue and said "Crips" on the side, and there was a C on the hood of the truck, and another marking on the side of the truck. We found out when Dave reported it to police that there were 38 other reported cases of vandalism in our neighborhood. We think we know who did it, too. Fortunately, it came off easily with some fingernail polish. So we didn't even have to get insurance involved or anything. I feel bad for some of the other people in the neighborhood who had more damage to their property than we had. I'm thankful it was so easily taken care of.


Les said...

Fingernail polish? Or remover? Just wondering if you painted over it with red polish or actually got it off.

Carolyn said...

Duh... fingernail polish remover.

You really should have been an editor, you know.

christine said...

glad it came off so easily. you are lucky I would hate to know what it would have cost to have it professionally removed.