Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Booger Dilemma

A few nights ago, Lacy and Dave were home on their own, so at bedtime, Lacy snuggled down with her daddy in our big bed. She picked her nose and had a big booger on it, then asked Dave, "Daddy, what do I do? I've already brushed my teeth!"


The Big Question

Lacy asked me yesterday how the baby got into mommy's tummy. I knew that question would come someday, but honestly, it threw me for a loop! I told her something along the lines of, Daddy has a seed that goes to mommy's egg, and then that is a baby, and it grows and grows and grows.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June is my worst month.

That's why you're getting my first blog post today. And it's not even a good one. Just an explanation, and a promise of some good blog posts coming soon!

June has always been a bad month for me. My allergies kick into high gear somewhere around the last week of May and the first week of June, and they stick around until the first week of July. My allergies are pretty debilitating for me at times. Some days are worse than others. The bad days are the days that my eyes swell shut and my eyeballs are actually puffy. My nose runs like a faucet, the roof of my mouth itches, and I can't stop sneezing. Prescriptions don't do any good, either. Claritin is a joke. Zyrtec puts me to sleep, and it doesn't do a darned thing. I thought my saving grace was Xyzal, but when I take it, I am so exhausted, even when I take it the night before.

On top of that, I am in my first trimester, the tired trimester. I have had days where I stayed in bed until 11 or so. Lacy gets breakfast for herself and for Rose. She's such a good helper. Then I put in a musical (the current favorite is Annie, but Sound of Music is always appreciated, too) and let the kids watch it until I feel good enough to empty the dishwasher and lie down again.

Fortunately, I don't really get too sick on top of the exhaustion. I guess I lucked out in that regard. But I do occasionally feel nauseated, and once got really sick. But I'm not complaining about that at all!

I didn't mean to turn this into a whine fest, but I guess that's kind of what this became. Sorry. I'm starting to feel much, much better (THANK YOU, June rain!) and am ready to download pictures and start blogging about some topics that I'm really passionate about (since I'm pregnant, pregnancy and birth are on my mind, and it's a topic I love reading about and studying. If I were a nicer person, I'd be a midwife or a doula for sure).

I guess I'll end by saying that other than not getting Rose to sleep until 11 tonight, today was a great day! My friend Diane offered to watch my kids so I could go to the temple this morning. I returned home and watched a musical with my husband and kids (Annie, of course!), had tacos (YUM!), and had a very productive Young Women planning meeting, while also baking bread (YUM!). To add to the joy of today, Dave worked four hours, and is working three days in a row 12 hour shifts, most or all of which will be overtime pay (Union rules and all!). He's starting another project on Monday that may last several days. Hopefully there's more coming! I'm so happy that Dave is working! He's so much happier when he has a job.