Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting use out of our new backyard

Last night we invited some friends and the missionaries over for a potluck-ish dinner. We had a pork roast in the crock pot, and I made rolls. I also made a salad using our lovely garden lettuce. One couple brought dessert, and the other brought chips and corn on the cob. The missionaries brought their appetites. We had fun eating in the back yard, and once it was dark, we all sat around our new fire pit (the missionaries went home already) and roasted marshmallows until Rose fell asleep on Sarah's lap. We stayed out there until 10, then we had spiritual time with some of our friends and Lacy finally went to bed at 11. I don't stress out as much about her staying up as I did before, because she no longer requires 13 hours of sleep a night, so going to bed at 11 just means getting up at 9/9:30 or so.

Tonight Dave is helping out at a Scout camp out. He is going with his friend Bill and his boys. That means Bill's wife Emily will be with just her girls, so Emily and I are getting together this afternoon. Should be fun, if it doesn't get too hot!

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