Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Shoes are Possessed!

We have a pair of those Flash Lights shoes. I always said I would never buy those kind of shoes. I didn't actually buy these ones-- they were given to me as hand-me-downs, probably from my sister Leslie. I don't like these shoes for a variety of reasons, the main one being they contain mercury in the little button battery that lights up the shoes. Also I find the lights distracting. But I feel that the battery is encased in the shoe so while it does probably contain mercury, it probably doesn't pose much harm wearing the shoes on occasion. And we only have one pair of size 10's and I'm too poor right now to buy a different pair, so it is what it is.

Well, the other day I noticed one of Lacy's shoes laying on its side flashing. I though it probably had just gotten bumped so I picked it up off of its side thinking it would stop flashing.


It's been flashing for three days now with no signs of stopping. It is making me crazy! Last night it was flashing in the living room when I was trying to find something to watch on TV (no luck on the History Channel, darn it). I asked Dave to move the shoe so I couldn't see the flashing. What a punk-- he put it so that the lights were clearly visible in the refection off the glass on our TV stand. I had to cover the shoe up completely because my obsessiveness can't get over something like a shoe continuing to flash like that.

I guess I should get over myself and go shoe shopping. But then I'd have to dispose of toxic waste.


Les said...

I like how you hyperlinked my name. It makes me feel very special. Sorry about the shoes. Remind me not to get anything obnoxious for Lacy's birthday tomorrow. (evil laugh)

Carolyn said...

Well, the shoes themselves are actually very cute. Cuter than, say, a pair of princess shoes she surely would have picked out for herself. But the lights drive me crazy! But beggers can't be choosers.

christine said...

I like your new header :)

I'm also jealous that you've got a garden. We're stuck with growing things out of pots because we're in an apartment.