Friday, July 18, 2008

Relearning how to use the computer

I'm trying to learn how to use my new photo editing software and make my blog cool looking without using someone else's templates. I know this first attempt is lame, but I just started tweaking it today and it's already past my bedtime, plus Rose puked on me today so I think I'm allowed to be lame. I've got to take some sort of tutorial or something, and maybe a graphic design class or something. I'm feeling really uninspired lately but I'm trying!

Lacy's wearing panties to bed now. It happened practically overnight that she started staying dry. I knew we were there when she woke up crying that she had to go potty on our campout. I told her to go in her pull-up, and she said she couldn't. The next morning she was still dry. So, no more diapers for Lacy, EVER!

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Les said...

You're so cool! Way to design your own blog. Whatcha doin this weekend?