Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Few of Lacy's Favorite Things

In honor of Lacy's 4th birthday, here are some of her favorite things.

Favorite Song: "All American Girl," Carrie Underwood
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Toy: Dolls probably, though she loves a lot of her toys.
Favorite Animal: She loves all animals from a distance!
Favorite Book: She has lots of favorites. We really enjoyed reading Little House in the Big Woods together.
Favorite Game: Hide and Seek
Favorite Thing to do with Dad: Fishing
Favorite Thing to do with Mom: Cooking
Favorite Thing to do with Rose: Play dress-ups and family
Favorite Naughty Activity: Teasing her sister
Favorite Messy Activity: Playing with make-up
Favorite Food: Anything sweet.
Favorite Good for you food: Berries of all types
Favorite Class: Gymnastics
Favorite Part of Spiritual Time: reciting articles of faith
Favorite Sister: Rose
Favorite Prissy Thing: Tea parties!
Favorite Person to talk to on the phone: Anyone! Especially people she loves.

Thanks to everyone for coming to our party tonight. We had a really good time with you all! We really appreciate you coming over to help make Lacy's birthday so special!


Les said...

We had a great time. Sorry to leave you with a mess!

christine said...

love purple & the little house books too.