Saturday, July 26, 2008


Dave is one of the head stage managers at our region's LDS youth dance festival. There are 11 stakes participating in this, including my own stake and my sister's stake. I know some of the youth dancing, including my nephew Hayden, who is in the baketball dance. Dave has been busily helping out with the dance festival since Thursday, and the first performance was last night. While he was there, Dave got to meet Sister Dalton, the general Young Women's President, Kenneth Cope, an LDS musician, and Brad Wilcox, an author and inspirational speaker, as well as BYU professor. Dave was actually Brad's main assistant at the event, so he got to know him pretty well. Brad has a good impression of Dave, and Brad's words have inspired Dave. He has really loved helping out during the event, which I've been told is excellent, despite some glitches.

If you're in Western Washington, make a trip to the Tacoma Dome today for a 2 pm or 7 pm performance. It is well worth it! The event is free and parking is $8. I'm going today and taking Lacy and her best friend. I'm leaving Rose behind-- I just can't fathom trying to wrangle a 2 year old during this! No thank you!

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christine said...

your husband is the hardest working man I've ever seen!