Friday, September 14, 2007

A girlfriend day

Dave is at elk camp currently, and I ended up not watching Cooper today, so this morning we headed out to my friend Emily's house and spent the day with her. We came home with about 40 pounds of garden veggies and pears from her tree. It was a really nice visit.

I've also discovered that Rose is signing "all done" when she is through eating and wants out of the high chair. She also is a southpaw I think!

Oh, and Lacy wants to marry me in the temple when I have broken boobies. The temple is in my laundry room, FYI. When we get married, we hold hands and then dance.

I like wheat 'cause wheat is neat

I just bought two 45 pound buckets of white wheat. YEA!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Weights and measures

Lacy had an appointment today with her allergist. While I was there I took the liberty of weighing and measuring the girls. Granted this is not a real accurate reading, especially since Rose is so squirmy and the weight measurement was different each time. So I'm going by averages with her. So anyway, here's the stats:

Rose is my average girl. She weighed about 23 pounds (50th percentile for weight) and was 31 inches tall (62nd percentile). Perfect size!

Lacy on the other hand... she weighed (get ready for this!) 25 pounds (!!!!!) that, my friends, is less than the 3rd percentile for weight. She's actually gone down in weight, I'm not sure how since she is eating like a horse. I just chalk it up to different clothes on different days. And she was 40 inches long-- 95th percentile for length. Yowza!

New Lacy stuff: Lacy is now able to draw faces. She draws a circle and adds eyes, mouth, and nose, and sometimes hair (if I prompt her to draw those things, that is). She will scribble a body and the arms come out of the head. Pretty typical, I think. But exciting, nonetheless, as she has never drawn something besides circles, triangles, and lines until yesterday.

New Rose stuff: Rose probably has a vocabulary of 30 words by now. It's amazing. Today, Dave was looking at pictures on the camera, and was watching a video of Rose learning to walk, and Rose pointed to it and said, "Me!" She also pretended to call her dad on the phone and said, "I call my dada" or something that sounded exactly like it!

Both the girls are growing like weeds and I'm so excited to see them get bigger. They're both still nursing, though Lacy only once a day usually, and Rose won't nurse the right side. So because Rose nurses about 20-30 times a day sometimes (usually for 2 minutes here and there with about 5 or 6 big nursing sessions a day) so that means that I'm lopsided. Majorly. Like, DD on the left and A on the right. It is comical, actually. So I dusted off the ol' pump and am trying to increase supply on my right side in order to even myself out!