Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All the men-folk with old fashioned sensibilities, stop reading now!

Men gone? Good. Some of them might be embarrassed by this actual and true, unembellished* event from my life.

I really should be better prepared. I knew it was coming. Yet somehow, I ran out. So I loaded up the girls and went to Target this morning. We got to the appropriate aisle. That's when the embarrassment started.

"Mom! TAMPONS!!!"

"Shhhh, Lacy! Let's not talk about that."

"LOOK at all the TAMPONS!!!"

"Yes, it's wonderful, isn't it. Now, be quiet about it."

I loaded up my purchase in the back of the cart, where Lacy was sitting.

"THANKS for the TAMPONS, Mom!"

"Not so loud. And you're welcome, I guess."

"Don't go so fast, Mom, my TAMPON tower is falling!"


Then, of course, you can't just go to the store to only buy tampons. That's embarrassing. Not quite as embarrassing as Lacy, but embarrassing, none the less.

So, I bought computer paper (recycled of course, even though it was $1.20 more per ream! No fair!), a clearance swimsuit for Lacy for next year, and a bunch of snacks for camping tonight. The swimsuit seemed to temporarily change Lacy's focus. We went to check out.

"Mom, I'll put the TAMPONS on for you so we can buy them!"

"Uh, thanks for your help."

I think the teenaged boy who checked us out said maybe four words to us.

*OK, maybe slightly embellished.


Les said...

That is AWESOME!!! Maybe Rose will learn to say it soon, too!

Les said...

Oh yeah, and we all know that you never embellish anything.

Brightonwoman said...

One more GREAT reason to switch to cloth (and/or to a cup!) I'm currently working on a pattern for knit cotton tampons. We'll see how that goes...but I can tell you, I sure don't miss having to shop for those things!

Carolyn said...

I really want to try a cup but I'm not sure which one to try. I've used the Instead cups but they did not work for me at all (this was waaaay pre-baby when I was about 20ish). It's intimidating to me with all the cups out there that I've seen.

I do buy the tampon with the least amount of packaging, though, and I try to buy the organic brand if we're not too poor when I'm shopping, otherwise it's ob.