Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ta da!

Rose's new thing lately has been proclaiming "TA DA!" after she accomplishes some new and amazing feat. Those feats include things such as placing a Barbie doll on her head or jumping and landing on her bottom. When she says it, though, it comes out as "Duh DAAAA!" Doesn't quite get the "T" sound yet.

The other night, Rose was tucked into bed sound asleep for an hour or two, when I heard her proclaim, "Ta da!"

"Oh no," I thought. "Rose can't be awake again!" While historically Rose has been a terrible sleeper, lately she has been doing much better, so it was a shock to me to hear her so chipper in the other room.

I peeked in, and Rose was sound asleep on the bed, lightly breathing. She must have been having a great dream and ta da'ed in her sleep.

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Les said...

I love that story! I'm glad you wrote it because she's going to love that story when she gets older. What a sweetie. Sneak in and give her a kiss for me!