Monday, July 14, 2008

I've been tagged (twice)

OK, this is the second time I've been tagged on this one, so I guess it's about time I do it!

3 Joys: Dave, Lacy and Rose

3 Fears: Making phone calls, Dancing in front of people, and Heights

3 Goals: Lose 10 more pounds, Finish reading the Book of Mormon twice this year (or more), Get my house pretty inside and out

3 Obsessions: Like Leslie, I'm pretty obsessive, so I obsess over lots of things. Right now my obsessions are: Heritage animals and Heirloom plants, making watermelon rind pickles, and living on a commune someday (soon).

3 Surprise Facts: I am anti-mainstream and cannot do anything if it is trendy (except read Harry Potter), I enjoy doing laundry though you wouldn't know it based on the mess in my laundry room, and I want my own roadside farm stand (where I can also sell watermelon rind pickles).

I tag: Emily and Jennifer

1 comment:

Les said...

Fifteen blogs in 14 days. Wow. I'm impressed. And you're still on the top of my list! Way to go. Can somebody say...obsessed?