Monday, July 21, 2008

OK, I admit it.

I love watching TV. There. I said it. Please dock some crunchy points off my scorecard. But to make up for it, I generally enjoy watching educational shows on History Channel, Discovery Channel, and the like.

But lately, I'm not too impressed.

The History Channel historically has been my all-time favorite channel. But it seems like the shows that have been popular lately are really not, well, actual history shows. Some of them, I can see the rational for putting them on a network called The History Channel, but most of the new ones? I just don't get it. And the thing that makes me mad is, they're hugely popular and they're the only ones on OnDemand! I can't even watch a history show with OnDemand for the History Channel! That makes no sense!

Let's examine their prime time lineup:

Ice Road Truckers: A show about guys that drive trucks on the ice. All current events. A reality show. NOT HISTORY.
Tougher In Alaska: A show about working in Alaska's hard conditions. While this may be interesting, I think it would be more appropriate on another channel. NOT HISTORY.

Monday: a little better than Sunday.
Modern Marvels: It goes a little into the history of certain technologies, but usually it is just about the current cutting edge technologies and techniques for certain things. I do like this show, and occasionally (as in tonight's episode) they will examine technology from years past. That is actual history. But usually it's not much history at all.
A bunch of shows about Batman and Starwars: OK, they are from comic books and movies from decades past. So I guess it is examining where they came from in years past and technologies from the movies. Yeah, history, I guess, but c'mon, it's FICTION!

The Universe: Some episodes examine how the universe was formed. But tomorrow night's episode? It's about space colonization. Something that HASN'T EVEN HAPPENED YET. NOT HISTORY (tomorrow)
Ancient Discoveries: Yes, this is actually history. Hallelujah! FINALLY!
Mega Disasters: Examines historical disasters and asks a lot of what-ifs about worst case scenarios. Some history, some speculation.

Monster Quest: Searching for mythical monsters of yore. I believe they examine their historical roots. This one gets the history stamp of approval, but not my interest.
Ice Road Truckers: AGAIN??? SERIOUSLY? There are so many more interesting shows that are actually about history and you repeat ICE ROAD TRUCKERS?

Modern Marvels:
The Works: A show about facts and the history behind various topics. If it focuses mainly about the history, I think it qualifies, but methinks it probably devotes most of it's energy toward the facts. BO-RING, though technically appropriate for the History Channel, unfortunately.

Modern Marvels: They sure love this show at History Channel.
Ice Road Truckers: Can I roll my eyes any higher? Because I. AM. NOT. INTERESTED.
Shockwave: A show that examines major events using actual footage. Yes, it's History.
Battle 360: About WWII. History. But I really dislike watching war stuff. It's not my thing.

ICE ROAD TRUCKERS ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Nooooooooooooo! I guess I'd better rent a movie or something because Dave is working the Dance Festival that night, and I'll be all by my lonesome with the kiddos asleep.

This is this weeks' actual primetime lineup. It is so not interesting to me at all. I used to be glued to the History Channel when I was in college, but in recent years they've been trying to attract a different demographic, to which I do not belong. It used to be, if I couldn't find anything on and all I wanted to do was veg, I could count on trusty good old History Channel for something interesting to watch. I am really bored out of my mind by most of those shows. They are totally pimping out their non-history shows and I am so annoyed by that. Please, History Channel, try to make some History shows! And have Comcast put them on their OnDemand schedule!


Les said...

LOL. Great post!

Emily said...

You should switch to Animal Planet. Well, if you don't count Groomer Has It.