Friday, July 11, 2008

Packin' on the pounds

...I'm editing out some photos because July 2008 is my most visited blog area and I'm afraid that photos of my cute kids may be used for the wrong reasons...

At the peak of her thinness, Lacy was quite thin indeed. This picture was taken about 6 weeks or so after her 2nd birthday. That's almost exactly the same age Rose is right now. Notice her size 2T panties barely stayed on her she is so thin. She weighed about 22/23 pounds at the time of this picture.

To make a comparison, Rose currently weighs about 26 pounds, but I think she's actually gained a little bit in the last few weeks and may be closer to 30 at the moment. And Rose is about 1 or 2 inches shorter than Lacy was at the same age. *photo removed*

Here's a recent picture of Rose. You can tell from this picture that her thighs are meatier than Lacy's at the same age.

And in this picture you can see that her ribs are not visible as much as Lacy's were at the same age. She's thin, but not waif thin.
*photo removed*

Now, we were told that Lacy may gain weight after her surgery. Sometimes kids with tonsils and adenoids as large as Lacy's have trouble gaining weight because it is difficult to eat and breathe at the same time. She weighed 31 pounds on the day of her surgery.

Today my sister Leslie lifted Lacy up and thought that she felt heavy, even as heavy as her 3 year old son, who has weighed more than Lacy since he surpassed her weight around the 12 month mark. Lacy is 7 months older than Turner. I had noticed that her underwear was actually getting tight on her rear yesterday, so I was curious to see what the scale would say. I was shocked when I read the digital number that appeared.


Yes, in two months Lacy has gained SIX POUNDS. She is now at an average weight, and is proportional for her weight and length. For her, this is unheard of. She has never had a jump in weight this big in her life over the period of a year. Let's review:

Birth: 8 lb 5 oz
1 year old: 18 pounds
2 years old: 22 pounds
3 years old: 25 pounds
(almost) 4 years old: 37 pounds

She only gained 10 pounds from birth to age 1, but from age 3 to age 4 she gained TWELVE. She now has meat on her bones and her clothes all fit her. She looks healthy, and she acts happier, too. She doesn't need as much sleep and doesn't complain of being tired at all anymore. I can't be 100% sure that it was the surgery, but dang, 6 pounds since the surgery? I'm fairly sure that's what did it. Had I known what a positive effect it would have on her life, I would have done this months ago. I don't see her ribs on her back anymore. Her face is full and healthy looking. Her eyes are bright and full of life. Lacy has truly been changed by this procedure.

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