Monday, July 21, 2008

Those poor kitties!

Yesterday we went to dinner with some good friends of ours. To our delight, we found that they had a cat who had kittens about three weeks ago. They were darling! The girls absolutely went gaga over them. Rose kept trying to pick them up with their necks and we had to tell her to be gentle, and show her the correct way to pet a kitten. After dinner, we were sitting around in the living room. All of a sudden, Rose comes in the room with a kitten in her hand. She gives it to me. I tell her to stay away from the kittens, but now other children are coming in with kittens, and then Rose comes back again with another kitten!

We had to hide the kittens. Rose was just obsessed with them and the mama cat was stressing out and trying to hide the kittens!

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Angela said...

I bet they were so cute, especially in Rose's little hands. I have enjoyed all your new pictures. Looks like you guys have had a super fun summer!! :)