Monday, October 22, 2012


Yesterday I took a bite of chili with corn chips and I felt something hard. Oh my gosh, it's a chunk of tooth! What the heck happened here? Was it actually a piece of bone that I missed from the steak I made my chili out of? Or worse, was it a tooth chunk of an unfortunate tortilla chip worker? 

"Dave! Oh my gosh! I found a piece of tooth in my food!"

"Did you lose a bit of your tooth?"

"No! I would have felt it! I didn't feel anything until I bit into this piece of tooth!"

(felt around mouth just to be sure.)

"Oh my gosh, I lost a piece of my tooth! How could this have happened?"

And that's the story of how I lost a chunk of my tooth. I guess I need to schedule a dentist appointment today. I already had a filling in that tooth, and it cracked at the edge along the filling. It didn't hurt when it happened but now it's annoying and I'm worried something will happen to my tooth if I don't get it fixed ASAP.