Friday, March 28, 2008

It's spring! So, let it snow!

It's been freezing here in Olympia, and we've seen snow fall for the past couple of days. Today we took the kids out to the mountains to play in it. On the way, we saw a man whose car ran out of gas as he was turning in to the gas station. This is on a rural highway, so he was stopped in the middle of the highway and still had to cross oncoming traffic to get to the gas station. Dave saw him and knew we couldn't just leave him there. We turned around after finding a turn around spot about 2 miles up the road, and got there just before the man (who looked mid-60s or older) was about to push the car across the road. During rush hour. There was only maybe 30 second breaks in traffic, so we're glad we got there before he started pushing! Dave hooked him up and we drove him across the street to the pumps. We could barely get across in time in our truck. I'm so glad we got to him when we did! There could have been a really bad situation. I'm so surprised nobody stopped to help him until we did!

But anyway, you're reading my blog because you want to hear about my cute girls and their antics, and to see their pictures. So, here you go. Lacy's thing has been tiny stuff lately. Like, I'll give her a snack of sugar snap peas, and she'll find the smallest one and say, in her best motherese, " Oh, so little! So cuuuuute!" And she'll fawn over it like it's a baby.

And Rose said "delicious" today. Her language skills are blossoming lately. I'm sure in 6 months her speech will be almost fully recognizable. She's also a stubborn little kid. I think it's a second child phenomenon. I was trying to keep her from climbing on the table and tap dancing, so every time she did it I would take her off, scold her, and let her know that was not okay behavior. She did it a few more times, until she realized, "I'm not supposed to tap dance on the table. Hmmmm, what can I get away with?" So, she then started simply sitting on the table. This continued to the point where she would just put her bottom on the table, then just one cheek, until she finally stopped completely. That's my girl, seeing how much she can get away with.

And snow pictures from today!

And our family Easter picture. Not that great, but it'll do.
I don't have a single family picture with either of the girls smiling. So scowls will do just fine. Especially since they were probably crashing from all that sugar by that point!

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christine said...

You would never guess it was spring from your pictures!