Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I just had the best conversation

...while cleaning up puke from my darling little Lacy. She has a very sensitive reflex, so when she has a cold, sometimes puking ensues. This time, it didn't require a bath, but it did require a change of sheets and pajamas. While I was cleaning everything up, we had a great conversation about, well, nothing, really. We talked about when Santa will be coming next, so then I explained to her the concept of months, and told her each of the months. When I said July, her face lit up, "Like my birthday!" Then she had to ask about all my sister's kids birthday months. I was surprised she knew right away what month Rose was born in. Then we talked about how much we loved each other. Me: "I love you as big as the sky!" Lacy: "I love you as big as the UNICORN!" Dave started saying this game with her and said "I love you as big as the universe," but of course Lacy has no concept of the universe, so she took something that she does understand the context of. Plus, she's somewhat obsessed with unicorns at the moment.

Even with Dave's heavy work schedule, he's been doing a lot of yard work lately. I've been trying to help him out, so today the kids and I spent a couple hours outside, the whole time I was raking or picking up branches and putting them in a pile, or spreading bark around the garden (we didn't get nice garden bark, it's actually the bark that fell off our wood that we have for burning. So it's in huge chunks, like 6"x15" pieces). The girls have their outdoor boots that I'm getting them in the habit of taking off as they come in the house. Hopefully this will keep the mess to a minimum in the house. Maybe I'll buy them some crocs for the summer, because I wouldn't want to be wearing hot rain boots all summer long!

Alas, I'd better go to bed. Lacy just really made me happy and I needed to blog about it. She's such a little sweetie.

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