Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yea! My garden boxes are done!

This morning I went out running errands with the girls, leaving around 11 am. I had a lot to do, and I didn't get it all done. Bummer. Before leaving, I had Lacy "write" my folks a letter (they're on a mission in Germany). Then we went to the post office and Lacy picked out flower stamps to buy. I must say, going to the post office on a weekday is really convenient! I didn't have to wait at all. Then we went to Target, JoAnn's (where I saw two former coworkers), and finally I dropped off a bag of stuff at Goodwill. I love to purge!

When we returned home, I was surprised to see Dave's car in the driveway. He had mentioned the night before that there might not be work for him the next day, but he hadn't called me to let me know he was off early. He worked for about an hour but got paid for four hours. Gotta love union rules! He doesn't have work tomorrow but has work Monday. I'll be so glad when winter's over and work picks up again. He's actually going to be working a big job starting April 4, working 12 hour days, 7 days a week (every other week will be 10 hour days we found out) for three months. He will work this job every year as it is a recurring job.

So not only was I surprised to see Dave, I was surprised to see that he had finished all my garden boxes! I have four, two of which are quite small, but big enough for a nice garden this year. Hopefully we can add two or three more for next year. We just won't plant any squash this year! That's what having friends with acerage are for (thanks, Emily!). We will plant cucumbers, though, because I just love cucumbers. I already bought some lemon cucumber seeds.

Oh, and today is another successful diet day! We did so good today! And by "we," I mean Lacy and Rose, because I just ate a Ding Dong and some mint chocolate chip ice cream (just one small scoop that was full of air).

Breakfast: rice pudding (Lacy had it at 10 when she woke up!)
No morning snack for Lacy because we were on the go! Lacy kept complaining about being hungry. Rose had some cucumbers and apples when Lacy had her breakfast.
Lunch: spaghetti with rice noodles
Snack: soy crisps that were in the shape of hearts (oh, cute!), bananas, cucumbers, and apples
Dinner: Rice and beans (Haitian style) with broccoli and carrots and grape juice

Tomorrow and Saturday will both be challenging: we have people coming over for bar-b-ques both days! We can't even use regular seasoning salt because it has wheat and citric acid in it, so it makes life more complicated. I'm not sure what types of side dishes I'll think up. This salad sounds good, but I'll have to substitute the lime juice with something... probably vinegar I guess!

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