Sunday, March 16, 2008

Abandoning the diet

So after two weeks and virtually no change in Lacy's eczema, bed wetting, or behavior, I've decided to pull the plug on our total elimination diet. In the past few days, Lacy's eczema has actually gotten worse. We're going to eliminate soy for a while, because I suspect that she may be sensitive to it. And if that doesn't help, I might eliminate all gluten for a while. But from now on, we're doing one at a time. I'm glad we did it, because now I know what she's *not* sensitive to. And since she's had blood allergy tests, I know she doesn't have common allergies to things such as dust and mold. She's going to a dermatologist this week, so I'm really happy to have all these allergy tests out of the way so I have something to talk to the doctor about. Hopefully we can be on the road to curing Lacy's eczema!

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