Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Thrice Cheated!

So after I caught Lacy cheating twice today, I caught her later with a pink (food dye!) lollipop (sugar!), two major no-no's on our diet. Anyway, we have had a slightly better day, meal-wise.

Breakfast: oatmeal and honey/rice milk

Snack: Apples on the way to story time, bananas and soy crisps on the way home from story time/grocery store

Lunch: Leftovers

Snack: Terra chips, soy crisps, pineapple, and apples

Dinner: Raspberry chicken with coconut rice (slightly modified to fit in with dietary restrictions)

No dessert tonight, and now it's 8:15 and the kids are going to bed. Tomorrow we're having rice pudding for breakfast, which I will make from the leftover coconut rice and with xylitol! Yum!


Leslie said...

I'm thinking you may need to either get rid of or hide anything that may tempt her that she shouldn't have this week. It's obvious that if you don't, she's going to find it and eat it. And then you may have to be on it for a few more days just to be sure that everything is out of her system! You shouldn't have donuts in your house anyway!! :)

Carolyn said...

I blame the donuts on Dave! And the lollipops are your doing! I think I will hide food tomorrow morning. It's the only way to keep her honest, I guess.