Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are ya kidding me?

So yesterday morning was the Big Day... dental day for both girls. Lacy had a 7 am appointment and Rose had a 10 am appointment. I asked my sister Leslie to babysit so I had to get up at 5:30, get Lacy up and ready, get Rose's shoes and coat on, and get out the door by 6. Plus I had to bring lunch and snacks since we're doing our elimination diet. Rose didn't wake up until I put her in the carseat! It was pretty funny.

I get to Les's house around 6:35, shove the baby in the door, put a carseat in her car, jump back in the truck and rush to the dentist's office. We check in, and the front desk person says, "Oh, I'm so sorry-- we tried calling you this morning but you had already left. Dr. Aragi is sick today and you'll have to reschedule your appointments. How does July 8 sound?"

What??? Are you kidding here? Because Lacy has been waiting for this appointment since it was originally rescheduled in NOVEMBER. Yes, NOVEMBER!!! And she had waited several months for that appointment, too! She's been waiting like a YEAR for these cavities to be filled!!! If she has to have teeth pulled, I am going to be so angry! Dave is talking seriously about a lawsuit, so if that is the case I may have to make my blog private during that time, but we'll have to consult an attorney to find out if this blog will be a problem or not. I may not be allowed to talk about this subject at all.

I called the Union to find out if our paperwork for the new insurance has been received yet. So far, it hasn't been entered in, so I'm going to call tomorrow. If they get it before this weekend, we will have new insurance effective April 1. Yippee! I may actually have competent dental care finally!

I'm considering going another few days before I start overloading the girls with the possible problem foods. Lacy's eczema still hasn't cleared up totally. Dave really wants me to get the show on the road, but I'm not quite ready to start. Lacy is dying for some dairy and some chocolate.


Theresa & Raphael said...

I was told it can take around two weeks for symptoms to begin clearing up. Hawke was around 2 weeks when his ears finally drained. Also, Ghiradelli semi sweet chocolate chips are gluten and dairy free. They put a disclaimer on them about possibly containing milk for those who are extremely sensitive to it because they run chocolate that does contain milk on the same lines, however they wash the lines in between. (I read this on their site somewhere a while back, but here is a link)
Also, I know nestle is gluten free I am not sure about dairy though. Also Enjoy life are gluten and dairy free. Maybe that will tide her over for a while. Keep it up it is worth it :0)

Brightonwoman said...


you should sue the pants off that dentist