Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Lacy cuteness, and dental problems

Lacy's composite filling has weakened over the months and she and her cousin became anxious for the tooth fairy to come, so they poked and prodded and pulled, and off popped the filling. It's only been gone about a week, but it has really decayed since then. We went in to the dentist this morning to talk about the repair necessary for that tooth. He said that this time we will crown the tooth rather than just do a filling. After scheduling the appointment for the 28th, Lacy was talking to me about her upcoming procedure.

"After I get the tiara on my tooth..."


"Yes. On my tooth."

"Ooooh! You mean CROWN."

Is she a girly girl or what?


Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

Such a girly girl. Way too funny!

Jeff and Jessie said...

so cute girly girl. I love it.