Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lacy and Woody

Lacy has a new best friend. Her best friend's name is Woody. Woody is not a person. Nor is he a cartoon character, or a doll based on said cartoon character.

He is a piece of wood.

Yes, my daughter's best friend is a piece of wood.

She found him in the yard when we were stacking wood and making kindling. He was a small branch off a large piece of firewood that Dave cut off with the chainsaw. She decided it was cute and wanted to keep it.

For safe-keeping, Woody lives in a jar.

That she takes to bed.
Lacy, telling us about Woody (Woody didn't have a name yet-- he was still a new addition).

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Les said...

Oh, is Woody coming over tomorrow too? I'll have to be sure to set a place for him (or her?) at the table. See you bright and early!