Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jury Duty

So, my notice's been sent and my number's been called, and I'm reporting for jury duty on Monday morning. I had a feeling, since my number was so low, that I would be called in. I'm kind of excited, and kind of bummed at the same time. I am bummed mostly because I will have to leave my house at 7 in the morning so I can drop off the kids and report to the courthouse. That's practically the middle of the night! My kids are going to be so tired. Hopefully I can get them to bed early the night before (not likely, with how Rose has been behaving lately) so they can get the sleep they need to be human on Monday.

On the plus side, Rose seems to be just about done with naps. So it won't be a big deal if Les can't put her down. I'm really bummed about her giving up the nap, but really it's so much better for me to have a kid that goes to bed easily at 8 than a couple hours of down time in the afternoon. I clock out at 8:30 and I really resent it when I don't get my evening! That's why I stay up too late every night. Besides, I can always put on a movie if I need a break in the daytime. Another plus-- we can have more TV free days, since the main TV time is during nap time.

But back to jury duty-- I'm kind of hoping to be picked, but at the same time, I am not sure if I can commit to being gone from my kids that long. Hopefully they will pick me for some piddly 1 day trial that will be easy. I really thought about trying to get out of it, but I have people I can call on for watching my kids, they pay you for your time (if $1 an hour counts as "pay"), and I'm really curious to see the legal system in action. Though I don't know if I'll be able to pay attention to it.


Blonde African Americans said...

Reality is about to touch Carolyn....hahahaha I love it I can't wait to hear the end result of you being thrust into the excuse me if I am smiling right now hahaha

ok.ok.. hahaha this is gonna be good

Brightonwoman said...

I'm fairly certain that in WA if you have to hire childcare in order to serve your jury duty, they will reimburse you for the expense.
I got called up for JD literally 4 days before I was supposed to MOVE!! I reported, and spent the day sitting around bored... then on the second day I sat around until nearly the end and then got called in as an alternate...(they call 12 jurors plus 18 alternates, so 30 ppl per trial) that way as they go down the questions (do you know the defendant, judge, lawyers, etc) they have backups in case they need to excuse any of the top 12. Anyway, I was way down in the alternates, so I was unlikely to get pulled in (and was relieved that i didn't). I would totally be willing to serve on a jury--and back then when I was single would have been a great time, but yeah, it was bad timing.
I've been called since then--for two weeks after my due date! LOL. I got a note from my dr and they excused me.

What do you mean your number is low? I'm confused on that part...

Carolyn said...

My call group number-- group 8. For tomorrow, groups 1-9 were called. Often people are in group 32 or something and don't get called in at all.