Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lacy's so sweet

I was looking for Lacy while visiting at Leslie's house today, and I found her with Leslie's elderly next door neighbor. The neighbor smiled at me and said that Lacy had said the sweetest thing just a minute ago, and that she was really enjoying Lacy's company. I asked what she had said. The neighbor said she asked Lacy, "Where did you get those beautiful blue eyes?" Lacy replied, "From Jesus."

She really loves her Savior and really pays attention at church. It is amazing to see the faith of a child. She is my child who loves to pray, is always volunteering to say the prayers at every opportunity, and helps her sister to pray when it is her turn. Today at Leslie's, she helped her cousin remember the words to say during the dinner prayer, even though she was far away from him. Rose is following in Lacy's footsteps, always wanting to pray at mealtimes, too. She is getting so good at reciting the scriptures during our family's spiritual time each night. Lacy is doing very well at memorizing the Articles of Faith, and has 1-8 memorized.

Speaking of all things churchy, our ward's primary sacrament meeting program is on October 26th. Lacy has a line and we're working hard on memorizing it. It's actually quite a long line for a Sunbeam! She also knows most of the songs quite well, so hopefully she'll sing her little heart out up on the stand. Our ward meets at 1 pm. Please call me if you need directions to our building! We'd love to see you there, if you can make it!

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Kathy said...

Way to go teaching her the AofF so early! That's amazing!