Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cranktastic Kids

Both the girls are SUPER cranky today. Lacy has a cough and Rose has a runny nose, so maybe that's what's adding to their crankiness. I was trying to be good and have them watch no TV this morning, and then let Lacy watch a show or two while Rose was sleeping, but they were just at each other's throats and crying, wanting to be rocked and sung to, but not wanting to touch each other, so I put on Dora. If it had even been a half hour later, I would have just served lunch and put Rose down for a nap, but if I put Rose down too early she'll sleep for about 20 minutes and be done with it, and then be cranky all afternoon.

Somehow, Dora always makes everything all better. And string cheese. Now my kids can stop crying for a few minutes and I can get a break from the constant whining and crying and fighting.

I think we'll have an early bedtime tonight. Say, 6 o'clock? OK, maybe not that early, but by 7 for sure!

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