Monday, October 20, 2008

This year, I'm voting 3rd party!

I don't have an option to vote 3rd party in the State of Washington general election because we now have a "top two" primary. Rarely are 3rd party candidates chosen to be in the general election. But the federal election has representatives from all the major 3rd parties and some independents. Let's take a look at who's on my ballot (after the two main parties):

Independent: Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzales
Socialism & Liberation: Gloria La Riva/Eugene Puryear
Socialist Workers: James E. Harris/Alyson Kennedy
Libertarian: Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root
Constitution: Chuck Baldwin/Darrell L. Castle
Green: Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clementine

I'm leaning toward either the Libertarian party or Constitution party, but I'm going to give a nice, long look at the Green party as well. I can't support either the Democrats or the Republicans in this election, and since the state will go blue anyway, it really doesn't matter for whom I vote. Therefore, I'm going with a candidate that is more in line with my own views rather than compromise for a major party candidate.


Blonde African Americans said...

Libertarian: Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root

As a Libertarian I would encourage you to look at the policies of Bob Barr, mind you voting for anyone other than the two controlling parties is just a fancy Jury Duty line but if you are going to sign up this is my suggestion.

P.S. what happened with your Jury Duty anyway?

Carolyn said...

I blogged about it here: