Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heat Seeker

When Dave is away, I let Lacy fall asleep in our bed. Rose sleeps in our bed every night (This is all by choice-- Rose doesn't have her own bed yet and we have never owned a crib, other than a pack n play). I have Lacy sleep next to the wall so I can more easily put Rose in bed when she falls asleep. Between them, I often put a pillow to minimize them waking each other up. Such was the case last night, when Dave was off taking his recertification class.

After an hour or two, I walked in to this. Next to Lacy is a box of books that she insisted on taking to bed with her. She loves books and reading. The second picture clearly shows the pillow that was originally between the girls.

Lacy woke up to go potty a while later, and I had her go back to the middle, replacing the pillow between the girls. And, she insisted I move her box of books to where she was now relocated. Soon afterward, this is how I found them:

I guess she really loves a warm body to cuddle up next to! I think I may have to get a double bed for them when Rose is ready to transfer out of our bed in a year or so, just so she can have a warm body to cuddle! Luckily, Lacy likes to cuddle, too, and she likes her sister, so I think we're good there.

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