Friday, October 17, 2008

TV Free Day

Every once in a while, I like to have a day completely free of television. Today was such a day. We decided to have a no-TV day based on the sheer number of hours of TV that the girls racked up yesterday. It is embarrassingly high, but I was also working on my callings for a while and that kept them out of my hair, plus I was tired and woke up with a sore throat, so I wasn't feeling trying to distract them with an alternative to TV.

This morning, we left at 9:30 to get to our Music and Movement class on time. We had a great time, and were excited to have Dave with us to help out.

Afterward, Dave dropped us off at home and went to meet some people he's worked with to walk through a building they're doing a bid on. He was also sent home with blueprints and other paperwork to go over. Dave is going to be their #1 guy once they get going, and he's going to work on all the bidding as well.

After we got home, it was lunch time, then Rose's nap time. Usually nap time is also TV time for Lacy, but today she colored in a coloring book with markers and glitter pens, which is one of her favorite things to do. It was difficult for her to keep away from me until Rose was safely down on her bed, and in fact interrupted us several times, but Rose eventually fell asleep, and Lacy and I immediately began working on critical thinking skills. She did great today, and is almost done with the section she's been working on. We're matching rubber bands on a peg board to the "map" in our book, and it's very challenging for her.

Once Rose woke up, we called our friend Diane, who has her granddaughter Ruby today. She picked up the girls and took them to the park, and I cleaned house. After I was done in the kitchen, I walked down to meet them.

After the park, we baked cookies and Dave came home from working on his appointments. We had a lovely dinner of venison, fries, broccoli and cantaloupe/musk melon. Yum! Finally, baths and massages, and now I'm once again helping Rose fall asleep, and Lacy is out reading books with her dad.

We had a very successful TV-free day today!

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