Saturday, August 09, 2008

Why we'll never be moving away from the Pacific Northwest

Salmon! The fish are in the river, and Dave left this morning at 4 so he could take advantage of the day and catch us some king (chinook) salmon. This is a good sized one and we will enjoy eating it for dinner tonight!

Dave actually caught three salmon this morning. The limit is one, and he already had one salmon on his punch card, and another on his buddy's punch card (Dave kept the first one,which he caught almost immediately after arriving). He hooked the third salmon, and offered it to the other guy that came along with them. He wanted to catch his own fish, so Dave wasn't sure what he should do about the situation since he legally couldn't land the fish. At that moment, a man came down with a couple kids, and Dave offered the pole to one of them to reel in the fish. The kid reeled it in, and then Dave said he could keep it. The dad said, "Are you sure?" Dave said he already had his limit and couldn't keep it. This made the kid's day! As soon as Dave offered them the fish, he was on the phone calling his grandparents, aunts, uncles... anyone who would listen! The kid's excitement really made Dave's day.


Mark said...

Coincidentally, I'll be having salmon tonight. But I'm buying it, not catching it. Alas.

Les said...

Whoa. Mark reads your blog. Who knew?

Blonde African Americans said...

For some reason it felt like there should be some banjo music going on in the background for this post :)

What a beautiful fish Theresa would kill for fresh fish like that