Monday, August 11, 2008

The Many Sides of Rose

My kids were just so darned cute today that I had to take lots and lots of pictures. Rose looks especially tan in these pictures, and her hair has a lot of golden highlights from playing outside so much. Suddenly Rose looks so grown to me. Maybe it's the pig tails that I've been putting in her hair lately. Whatever it is, she doesn't look like a baby anymore.

Age two is my favorite age. I forgot how much I loved it until Rose turned two! It's the best age. Some people dread age two and call them the terrible twos, but I can't wait until my kids are two! I think two is terrific! They're sweet and "helpful" and adorable. Plus they're learning how to communicate better with everyone and they're eager to please! Four, on the other hand, is quickly proving to not be my favorite age! Lacy has her wonderful moments, but her awful moments are so much worse than they were at, say, age two.

Rose loves pulling faces. I captured most of her trademark faces here for you today. There's a few that I haven't really captured yet, most notably her alarmed face, which is my absolute favorite. I think I have an almost okay sample of that that I'll post for you today.

This is almost the alarmed face. She was a bit upset because Lacy had just conked her on the head with her foot. Lacy was done sharing the chair and decided to lounge around in it again.

And another favorite of mine. A super silly face after eating some ice cream on a hot day. I've posted this one before, but it just is extra hilarious to me so I'm posting it again.

Rose has really been a ham lately. She's so adorably cute!

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