Friday, August 15, 2008

Interesting development

A month or two ago, a guy was riding his motorcycle in the neighborhood, sans helmet (which is required by law in our state), going way too fast. Our neighbor across the street was heading toward home. He saw that the motorcycle was a little out of control so he stopped his truck and waited for the motorcyclist to pass. Unfortunately, instead of passing, he skidded to his truck and crashed into it. Dave witnessed the whole thing, along with another neighbor of ours. Everyone was okay, so they loaded the motorcycle up into our neighbor's truck and took him and his bike home.

I was glad it happened. We found out this guy does not have a motorcyclist endorsement or insurance (only the endorsement is required in our state, but still) and we were hoping that what looked like the totaling of his motorcycle would make him more cautious in the future.

Unfortunately, that did not come to pass. Soon after, Dave saw this same guy, again, riding around without a helmet. Later our neighbor saw the same thing, but he was also speeding. So Dave and our neighbor decided that any time they saw this guy riding illegally after that point, they would call the sheriff. Last night, our neighbor witnessed it again. He was going about 60 on our street (where kids live! What a jerk). While talking to the cops, they were informed that recently they were involved in a high speed pursuit with someone matching this guy's description. I would not be surprised at all if this is the guy they're looking for. I hope it is, and I hope they haul the guy off to jail. Its idiots like him that prevent me from allowing my kids to play in the front yard much at all. Fortunately we live on a cul-de-sac, but we're way too close to the main road (which used to be not all that busy) for my comfort.

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