Saturday, August 02, 2008

My shrimpy little girl

Lacy has always been thin. She started out a normal weight at 8 lb 5 oz, gained weight to be about 18/19 pounds around her first birthday, but then it tapered off. She weighed 22 pounds when she turned two years old, and after her third birthday for several months she weighed only 25/26 pounds. Finally she started gaining weight and was 31 pounds by spring this year when she went to have her tonsils removed. I weighed her last month and she was 37 pounds, and now she's closer to 38. This is within the normal weight ranges for 4 year old girls, but 31 pounds with her height (40 inches at the time, currently 42 inches) put her well within the underweight category.

I thought it was the tonsil surgery that bulked her up. But now I have learned that I was mistaken. It was not the tonsil surgery at all. It was Regan and Marilyn who did it.


Les said...

That was so awesome! Wish the picture had turned out better, though. Glad she's stayed inflated!

Angela said...

What a cute post!! :)