Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Cities

I'm currently obsessed with watching the Olympics. I was thinking about all the cities in the world where the Olympics have been held, and I realized that I have been lucky enough to live in two Olympic cities. Both are in Germany-- Berlin and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where the 1936 Olympics were held in both cities, summer and winter respectively. I used to take swimming lessons in the Olympic pool in Berlin. I remember visiting the ski jumps in Garmisch, and since it is such a small town I'm sure I've visited other Olympic sites and probably "raced" on a mountain where Olympic events took place. I say that in quotes, because I didn't really get it and I wasn't very good-- during one race I was told to ski between the flags, so I literally skied between the two poles instead of around them. I was a bit of a slow child, especially where sports were concerned. Both cities I lived in for three years, G-P from 1982-1985 and Berlin from 1989-1992 (yes, the year the wall fell). I have also been to several other Olympic cities, including Salt Lake City, Vancouver BC (hosting next winter Olympics), Atlanta, GA (well, sort of-- do layovers count?), London, Rome, Munich (many times-- we actually attended church there every Sunday for a while), Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and possibly several others. I'm very lucky to be so well traveled! Maybe Dave and I will have a little extra cash lying around in a year and a half so we can take a little trip to watch a couple of events in Vancouver-- it's only a 3 hour drive, after all!

This is me, going for the gold in Olympic city Garmisch-Partenkirchen in early 1983.

What Olympic cities have you lived in? What Olympic cities have you visited? What Olympic cities are on your wish list of places to visit?


Les said...

The ice skating rink where we used to take lessons in Garmisch was also an Olympic venue.

And no, layovers DON'T count.

Brightonwoman said...

SLC of course, though I've never visited any of the actual venues.

I've also visited Munich--the tour bus drove past the main stadium but that was all we got.

I drove through Calgary Alberta this summer. We did stop for lunch, does that count?!

I was in Athens a couple of years before they hosted. They didn't have a decent subway but the map said they did--this was because they were building it for the games and had printed the maps before finishing the construction! We went to get on the subway and there was no station! We finally found someone who spoke enough English to help us, and discovered that we needed to walk a half mile to the nearest station!

I think Rome has hosted, and London, and Paris... Anyway, I have been there too.

I definitely want to visit Norway, although I don't know that I care about seeing Lillihamer per se.