Monday, August 25, 2008

Nature's Bounty

I went outside today to check on the bounty of nature in my own backyard. I found plenty of it!

Swiss chard... more than we'll ever eat!

Beans creeping up... yeah, I planted them too late. I'm just hoping for a harvest of some sort before the first frost!
Huge cabbage. I picked this one soon after this picture was taken. It weighs about two pounds.

Apples that look good enough to eat. In the background is our huge potato mound, both red and blue varieties.Apples that were too good to resist taking a bite out of

Gorgeous patty pan squashes-- our dinner tonight!
Heirloom tomatoes finally ripening
A darling little girl playing in the dirt
A sassy girl flying high!

And there you have it-- our new (to us) swingset! Thanks, Freecycle! And thanks, Les, for donating your unused swings! The girls are having so much fun playing on the swingset now. Except for the time Rose decided to spin around in the swing and she conked her head pretty good on one of the posts. She didn't have fun then.


Les said...

Your garden looks great! Hopefully it doesn't frost for a while so you can get lots of tomatoes before then. It sure is cold this morning, though! Brr!

Blonde African Americans said...

I am jealous of the quality of the veggies in your backyard, We don't have a garden but everyone that does donate their overflow to us and we always seem to have plenty. I hope you and your family are having a great day - Raphael

Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

NICE garden!!! I have grass and dog poop.

Eyom said...

Backyard gardening is cool, cool, cool!

Jeff and Jessie said...

what a beautiful garden-I LOVE to garden! I thought you said your garden was wimpy-I think it looks great! Everything up there is so green. My garden is the only green SPOT in my yard!

christine said...

nice looking veggies! I'm jealous of your space!