Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cheap Date

Happy anniversary to me! Eight years ago today, Dave and I were sealed in the Seattle Temple. It's been an interesting road to say the least, and also a lot of fun! We don't have much money to spend on things right now, but we were able to go on a date today that cost us less than $10.

First, the kids. My sister Leslie agreed to watch the kids for me (thanks again, Les!). We dropped them off and headed back over to the West Side to Olive Garden. We each got a nice meal from the menu and enjoyed each other's company sans kiddos. When the bill came, we used a gift card to pay, and we shelled out about $8.50 for the rest of the meal plus tip.

We were going to go to Barnes & Noble to spend another gift card, but we were running short on time so we went to the theatre to pick up our tickets to "Hancock." Once purchased, we had 20 minutes to kill, so we relaxed at Reclinerland next door to the theatre. We then enjoyed our movie, without any refreshments. Woah, what a change! No popcorn!

At about 4:30, we went to Leslie's again because the movie was over. We hung out for a while, and then Dave and Dixon took Porter and a friend fishing, and the Leslie, the kids and I all went to see a family performance at Huntimer Park in Lacey. It was really fun, except for the last half hour. Finally, we made child stew (put them in the bathtub), got them ready for bed, and waited for Dave to return. We headed back home around 9 or 9:30, with Rose incredibly tired from a busy day without a nap.

I recently went through about a half hour or so of trying to calm down Rose, who woke up in hysterics. She really wanted to nurse and kept saying, "boobie" and pointing to her cheek (her sign language for nurse), but since it was after 11 I couldn't allow her to (it's a rule established with nightweaning several months ago). Finally Dave suggested a sippy cup of water, which she initially rejected, but eventually downed several ounces of water and kept asking for more. I think the hot weather today must have dehydrated her. You wouldn't have guessed it from the amount of water she kept getting for herself at the concert earlier tonight. Finally, she went back to sleep. I'm hoping for an uninterrupted night from here on out.


sojourner said...

Hi guys! Happy belated anniversary!

Anne and I have done many an inexpensive date over the years.

This 17th year for us has been extremely busy, probably our busiest yet, with most of the kids in Scouts, and Anne and I tending to a number of other things, like the upcoming debate season!

Hope to talk to you soon,

Love your cousins,
Rick & Anne & kids

Brightonwoman said...

Aug 5 is my baptism date! It was a few years before your wedding though ;)