Monday, August 04, 2008

Lunch, courtesy of Lacy

Lacy decided today that she would make lunch for us. She wanted to make salad. She asked what we could put on our salad besides lettuce. I told her what we had available, and off she went. About 10 minutes later, she comes in with two of her pans from her toy kitchen gear, filled with lettuce and carrots. She went to the garden to pick the lettuce herself. The carrots on the salad are baby carrots, crudely cut into pieces.

"Lacy, did you cut those carrots?"


"What did you use?" (expecting answer to be a butter knife)

"My mouth!"

She put every one of those carrots into her mouth and bit them into bite sized pieces and put them on our salads! Good thing I'm not a germophobe. I enjoyed eating my salad.

And, new phrases and words from Rose:

Watch this
More cheese/meat/beans (she used to only sign "more," so this is an improvement!)
Get up
Cooper (Booper)
MINE! (she expressed those two before, but she didn't really start saying them until recently)

And lately she's ending a lot of words with "-yuh." Like, "A BABY-yuh!" Rose's speech is really blossoming and I'm starting to understand more and more of what she says. She still will have full conversations in gibberish, though. Like, sticking her tongue in and out making noises that sound like "bli-la-bli-la-bli-la" really fast, so obviously not even trying to speak English. I figure it's her way of pretending she's speaking our language. Like how kids impersonate people who speak other languages making sounds mimicking what they think the other language sounds like? I think that's what she's doing.

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