Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Little Mother

Rose and Lacy are such good mamas! Lacy was teaching Rose how to nurse her baby. But Rose knows from experience that mamas are supposed to kiss their babies on the head.

And on the hand. I am always kissing her on her head and hand while she's nursing! What a sweet girl!

And I must make some child-sized mei tais. Rose wanted to wear her baby in mine that I made when Lacy was a baby. I had to wrap the straps around her about 5 times for it to fit! But doesn't she look so sweet wearing that little baby doll?


Brightonwoman said...

You can make child size slings really easily too. Wolf has one and he used to wear his baby around all the time when Bear was little. Wolf even wore his baby to church a few times. :) Yup, an almost 7yr old boy wearing a doll in a sling to church. It was great!

Emily said...

These pics are absolutely precious. Of course I wish I had gotten a picture of Tuck nursing when Danner was a baby. Somehow he doesn't think that's the thing to do anymore.