Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More developments with Lacy's injury

So, Lacy is now on antibiotics because her face is infected. Lovely. We're keeping a close eye on it and will have a recheck on Friday if needed, and stitches come out Tuesday. We're worried that there is going to be scarring and that the lips might not be even when they're all healed up. If that is the case, we may decide to consult with a plastic surgeon to fix it, if it is covered by our insurance. Hopefully it doesn't come down to that. But a glimmer of hope-- my girlfriend's son had a major mouth injury when he was very young, and his lips look great with a very faint scar. I'm hoping Lacy's mouth looks that great when it's all healed up.

I'm wondering if she actually fractured her cheek bone. She is swollen all the way up her face, and has a very slight black eye. That is a very difficult bone to break, but it is possible. There's not much that they would even be able to do for it, though. Poor kid is eating like a bird and can't pronounce any consanents that involve the lips-- B, P, F, M are the big ones. It's very hard to understand her. I'm sure it's frustrating for her more than it is for us, though.

Rose may be acting out because Lacy's been getting so much more attention than she has been lately. She had 4 accidents today. And she's been potty trained for 10 months! That's the worst day we've had since she was potty trained. Two of them were when she was in a leotard, which is hard to get off, and to her credit, she was hanging out by the bathroom at the gym before one of those accidents. I just didn't know she knew it was a bathroom (it was the men's room so she's never been in it). The other two times we were at Emily's house, where she had one while wearing a t-shirt over her pants (she's wild and crazy like that) and another while wearing a night time diaper-- she actually peed out the side of it onto her jammie bottoms. I think she was just tired that last time, though, and considering she was actually wearing a diaper makes me annoyed.


I'm having a rough time, but not as rough as my kids!


Les said...

I thought it looked infected! Poor thing.

Emily said...

I hope she's feeling a little better today.