Friday, September 26, 2008

Um, I think I have ADHD.

My sister's been saying for a long time that I have ADHD. As does she. Except we're both minus the "H" part. I'm not really hyperactive, I just get distracted and overwhelmed very easily. So I took an online quiz today. They even give you a badge with your results! Lucky me! Test yourself-- do you have ADHD, too?

Serious ADHD Likely!

Soooo... what do I do now? I'd like to be able to obsess about something, and just obsess about ONE THING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Or at least until I get a grasp on it and finish all the projects I started on during my obsessivness (as an example, I currently have four knitting projects on needles. Four. Why can't I do one, or even two, at a time?) (oh, and another example-- I am a contributing memeber to 8 blogs, and I've created 3 myself. WHY do I need so many blogs???) (plus I like parenthes a little too much and don't know when to stop).

But seriously, how can I learn how to focus? I think it's hindered me in many ways in my life, and now that I'm a mom, I can screw up other people, not just myself.

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Angela said...

This is awesome! I'm totally stealing it for my blog, as soon as I have time. :) It said I am not ADD, however a ton of my family and my husband's have it and one of our daughters.