Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NAK [nak] --acronym

abbr. Nursing At Keyboard
1. An acronym or text message used inonline chat, IM, e-mail, blogs or newsgroup postings.
2. The appropriate place to nurse one's baby if one expects to get in any computer time at all.

...And, in my house, apparently the only place. If Rose wants to nurse, she leads me by the hand to the computer room. So she's just following my example.

I wandered into the computer room and HAD to grab my camera the instant I saw this. I don't even care too much at how disorganized the room is. This was a scene begging to be photographed. The hilarious thing is, this is a doll with a bottle attached to it. But this baby is breastfed. It's a good thing Rose brought in a sandwich to snack on-- nursing mamas get hungry! Pretty soon she'll have mastered typing with both hands while nursing. Ahhh, they grow up so fast...


Tuan's Princess said...


Brightonwoman said...

and, wait, is that nLDS that I see on the computer?

Les said...

She is so stinkin' cute!