Sunday, September 07, 2008

Spoiled Little Girl!

Today Dave has been preparing to go to elk camp. He needed to run around and get a few things, so he decided to take Lacy with him since he won't get back until Thursday.

First stop-- Aunt Leslie's. They were there for 20 minutes. Lacy got ice cream.

Second stop-- our insurance agent's house. They gave her some cheesecake.

Back home-- a small slice of chocolate zucchini bread. With a healthy dose of flossing, tooth brushing, mouthwash, and fluoride gel on the side!

Rose and I stayed home so we could make some treats for daddy to take to camp. We made cornbread, regular bread (in the breadmaker unfortunately, but at least he doesn't have to suffer through store bought bread) and the aforementioned chocolate zucchini bread. I have posted the recipe somewhere on this blog, but I'm too lazy to find it for you. Dave is also taking portions of old 72 hour kits to snack on (we have new ones-- don't worry!), onions, squash, homemade jam, peanut butter, pears and lots of other goodies with him. He won't be going hungry while he's gone! He's also taken out all the seats of the van and he and his buddy are going to be camping in the back of it. It is really quite big with no seats in it! Hopefully they have lots of fun and bring home an elk and a couple deer! Two elk would be ideal, but they're only going for one, and if they get it early enough they'll buy Chris a tag and try to bag another one. This hunt almost didn't happen, so Dave is thrilled to be going!

Tomorrow is a big day of cleaning. We had a really rough week this week, and the only thing I got done was a bunch of canning. So tomorrow I have laundry, home blessing hour, and cleaning up a sticky kitchen to deal with!

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Nadeau Family said...

I'm glad Dave actually got to go! That should be a lot of fun for him....