Monday, September 01, 2008


To my Kitchenaid Mixer that burned out this morning: we have spent 8 wonderful years together. I'm so sorry to see you leave me like this, with no other option but to use a breadmaker (on the dough setting only of course) or borrow my mom's mixer until she returns. And cookies must be made by hand. Oh, the horror! Why, oh why, was your motor not strong enough to handle a heavy whole grain dough? *tear* I will miss you, dear mixer.

Unless I get you refurbished, in which case I will probably curse you until I get a Bosch.


Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

Oh dread! I can't make anything without my kitchenaid. I mourn your loss.

Jeff and Jessie said...

I love my bosch. Who needs kitchenaid!

Carolyn said...

I do! I have attachments! Like a meat grinder, which is really important when you have a hubby who hunts.