Thursday, September 25, 2008


Finally, our family is catching a break! Dave's employment has been spotty at best since he got laid off from a great 3-month project in July (layoffs are very common in his field, and he was actually the first one hired and the last one laid off, which is quite a compliment). Last week he started flagging at a road construction job nearby. That was a week and a half job that ended earlier this week.

We weren't too upset when he got laid off on Tuesday, because Friday he has a one-day job for a new company where he will be their lead. Dave will have to take a special asbestos lead training, but in the meantime he will work whatever one-day jobs for them that they offer. They could be on weekends if Dave is working on the week days, and could end up being a great long-term relationship. They have to establish themselves and get capital moving through their company first before they can have a permanent laborer in their company.

Next Monday, Dave will be going up north to work on a project where he will have to stay in a hotel. He is the lead on this project and will set up for a week and work for another week, with probable overtime. YEA!

It's crazy-- Dave always has great luck staying employed in the colder months. He's always looking hard for work in the summer. What's up with that? Summer's supposed to be the busy season! Hopefully Dave can continue to be busy for the rest of the year. We have an ambulance bill to pay!

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Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

Good luck with the work. I pray that it is steady for you