Monday, September 08, 2008

Even MORE canning!

I have tons of apples, and Lacy wanted to help make applesauce today, so I started on that project. I have four quarts ready to go in the canner, but I want a full batch so I'm waiting until I have all seven done. Right now I'm cooking the apples so I can run them through my Victorio strainer. It's so awesome-- I don't have to peel or core them before I cook the apples. The strainer separates out the peels and all the yucky stuff automatically. Nice!

I'm also bringing some blackberries to boil for some jam. I'm doing a few cute containers of it so I can give them away as gifts, and I'll be doing some of those for peach jam as well as soon as I get some more lids. Peach jam will probably be tomorrow. I don't have much time left for the peaches!

I'm considering canning some blackberries as well. Two of my friends have done so, and it looks interesting. I have lots of blackberries so it's not like I'm short of supply! It's the picking that is tough for me.

Dave got into the elk today. I haven't heard from him tonight so I'm assuming he's sleeping and getting ready for an early day tomorrow. Good luck, Dave!

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Brightonwoman said...

I love canning, and I MISS MY VICTORIO STRAINER it's in Utah in storage. I should have it next fall. **sigh**
I'm totally jealous.
Enjoy some elk fo rme. Hopefully Dave will get us a deer this fall. :)