Friday, September 26, 2008

Super Lella

Lacy's new thing is saying "super" with everything. Replacing her brief stint with "very." Super also, apparently, replaces "really." She just said to me, "Mom, we SUPER want a snack." She also will say she's super tired, super hungry, super excited, or a sentence that makes no sense such as, "I SUPER want to go to the park!"

Rose is obsessed with Cinderella and anything fancy/princess-y. Any girl in a fancy dress is "Lella." And she loves cows and doggies, but always mixes them up (and calls all other animals by those names, too). Sometimes she will say kitty, too, but that's rare!

Last night Dave and the girls had a pajama party while I was at Young Women's. They had ice cream, wore jammies, and read books. Lots and lots of books. Probably more than 30 books. I bet Dave's voice was tired today!

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