Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update on Rose's Teeth

We picked up Rose’s dental records today. There is a dentist in our ward who has agreed to take a look on Sunday and give a second opinion. We want all our bases covered to make sure we’re getting the correct treatment. If he concurs that this is the best thing for her, she will have two teeth extracted on Tuesday under nitrous oxide. Thank goodness, that $100 a pop sedation drug (that Rose spit half of it out) was really starting to add up. N2O only costs us $20. So we’re going to have a toothless wonder girl soon. She can get baby dentures when she’s a little older, so we’ll have a gummy grin there for a while I guess. Thank goodness they’re just baby teeth! She looks so cute even with a huge gap in her mouth. Hopefully she’ll be extra cautious about her oral health because she’ll remember not having those teeth as a child.

We found out today that the dentist that neglected to diagnose her decay back in July at her first appointment has skipped the country. I took her in in July because I was concerned about the brown spots on her teeth. He told me that there was nothing to worry about and her dental records say “no sign of decay, low risk.” We took her back in November because I was extremely concerned, and he diagnosed her at that time as “high risk.” He left in the beginning of December and so we didn’t get work done until yesterday. He left to presumably avoid a lawsuit. Great. So at least I know I was doing my part to get her treatment asap, it was just my dentist who was incompetent. Lovely.

Dave was super sweet to me today and got me some kitchen gadgets, a smoothie, ice cream cupcakes, and an hour massage at a new massage place. What a guy! He knows what I need. And as for me, I have had kids asleep since 7ish with Rose only waking up twice (and it's already 9 o'clock!) (Can you see my eyeballs rolling yet?)... I folded a load of laundry during my free time and have another waiting for me. And I have a ding dong in the freezer that I'm going to eat because darn it, I deserve it. Dave just got back with pictures of tonight's lunar eclipse. It looked so cool! I had to stand on a ladder to see it, since there were trees in the way and I couldn't leave home.


Bula vi naka said...

We couldn't see the Lunar eclipse here because we have such poor air quality in Salt Lake City, Tell Uncle Dave hello for us.- Raphael

christine said...

What a kick butt picture!