Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nightweaning, day 5

Last night it went really, really well! She did try to nurse me a couple of times, but I was able to hold her back and get her back to sleep. I think she's starting to sleep longer stretches, too, now that she knows she doesn't get to nurse back to sleep. It's making me less tired and better able to function in the morning. She woke up around 6 to nurse, which was fine since we do no nursing from 11-6. She had to be cut off before 7, though, since she had a sedation dentist appointment this morning, and no food for 6 hours, nothing at all (no clear liquids) 2 hours before. Tonight is the last night of snuggling and rocking! Tomorrow night is just patting and reassurances! Yikes!

Dave took Rose to the dentist this morning for the tooth extraction surgery. She took the sedation medicine (liquid) just fine. But then they had to give her a shot to numb her mouth for the extraction. There were four attempts at giving her the shot. They had to hold her down for it, and Dave told me, "She's strong! I'm actually impressed at how strong she is." Well, when there's a will, there's a way! She's not very big, and doesn't have a lot of physical strength yet, but the mind is a very powerful thing and she certainly knows how to use hers. Plus she has stubbornness from both her mother and father, so there you go.

Dave got home with Rose about 20 minutes ago. She can't do any suckling, sippy cups, straws, or solid foods until about 6 this evening. It's going to be a rough day! Right now, she's getting about a half an inch of liquid in a cup. She got two cups of water and now she's working on some juice. She also got a bowl of ice cream when she got home. She's going to be one spoiled baby today. We're probably going to forgo any cosmetic baby dentures at this point. They'll probably look really fake anyway, they probably aren't covered by insurance, and I'm sure they're very expensive.


Brightonwoman said...

How old is she again? I've been thinking about encouraging night weaning in the near future, and have no idea how to go about it, so you're being very helpful here. :-)

Carolyn said...

21 months. It's been hard, but we have to do it. And it hasn't been as tearful as I thought it would be!

Bianca said...

Can I ask why Rose had to see a sedation dentist? Las Vegas dentists had no choice but to make my stubborn daughter sleep when she had a dental procedure last week. She was so scared of having dental implants that she cried real loud and threw tantrums, and I wasn't able to pacify her. So I agreed on putting her to sleep in order for the dentists to work on her teeth with no troubles. Ah, the wonders of sleep dentistry. Las Vegas sure knows how to calm kids down.