Monday, February 25, 2008

Nightweaning, day 4

We are really getting in a groove here! Last night was our first no nursing night. She did really well, though I *might* have instinctively let her nurse for a little while in the middle of the night. I get so danged tired I just can't recall what I do during the night! But she woke up this morning around 8 and just wanted to nurse for about an hour, so I guess she was making up time! I did have to take Rose into the other room and rock her back to sleep for about 5 minutes last night. Hopefully she'll get the hang of it tonight and tomorrow, because after that there will be no more rocking back to sleep! Yikes!

Dave is taking advantage of his time off. He is talking to Rose's dentist today, and will be talking to some unemployment people (he can get benefits for the time being, until he starts making some money from his side business). He will be making business cards and installing some programs on his new laptop, and will be setting up appointments right away. Hopefully he can make one sale a week until the big project starts in April, so that will make up for lost wages during this time.

Dave also plans on building my garden beds and doing a few other things around the house and yard while he has the time. Once he's working, I'll be in charge of all the yard maintenance, so hopefully he can make it as easy as possible for me.

Yesterday we went to church so Dave and I could fulfill our callings. We would have stayed home because of Lacy being sick. As the chorister, I can't miss Sacrament meeting, and Dave teaches on the fourth Sunday of the month in Elder's Quarum, so he needed to be there during the third hour. We would have played tag team church if we weren't getting a second opinion for Rose's dental care! Anyway, after a long Sacrament meeting, we talked to Bro. B, the dentist. Lacy found her teacher and told her, very sadly, that she couldn't go to Primary. Her teacher gave her the activity and we took it home. Then I took Lacy home for a few minutes to trade cars and get everything we needed for the birthday party. We forgot to get gas on Saturday, so I had to fill up the truck as well. Then Lacy and I picked up Rose and Dave and we had a blast at Leslie's house for family dinner and birthday time! Dave and I got a couple gift cards, and Turner got a huge amount of gifts from family. It was so fun!

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