Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nightweaning, day 2

Last night was hard for us. Rose wouldn't let me put her down from her bedtime at 8 until 10:30 for more than 5 minutes before she would wake up and wander down the hall to find me again. This made it very difficult for me because we had guests over and were trying to watch a movie. I guess it's a good thing I've seen the movie before. Well, last night went no better than earlier in the evening. It was all such a blur because I was so exhausted from the whole thing. The biggest problem is that Rose is getting a little bit sick so it was hard for her to sleep I think. I tried not nursing her back to sleep, but I'm not sure if I did or not because I was so tired! Dave got her to sleep a couple of times. Unfortunately she will only sleep for about 20 minutes at a time lately. She did sleep in this morning (we've been getting up at 7). We will try it again tonight and hopefully it will work a little better. If it doesn't, we'll probably do one more day of this and then we'll start with the second phase on Monday instead of Sunday.

Lacy and Dave have a daddy-daughter date today to see Rapunzel. She was supposed to go to her first Primary activity, but I don't think it's a good idea because she has been coughing and has had a runny yucky nose. Dave is going to dress up and Lacy gets to wear her flower girl dress on their date. They should have a fun time together.

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